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### ID: GRFC-1
### Title: Britcoin Hashing Algorithm
### Date: 2018-03-15
### Version: 1

### Table of Contents

1. Blocks (tbd)
1.1 Guarantee of delivery
2. The britshash
2.1. Prove of work
2.1.1 Difficulty settings
3. Mesh Networking (tbd)
4.1 Examples
4.1.1 Skein Assembly Implementation for SOCs (tbd)

1. Blocks (To be done)

A block can vary in size and is processed at last after 15 minute or when it reached it's max size of 1024KB.

1.1 Guarantee of deliver (to be done)

When a block is not processed after 15 minutes, it is paddedd with null bytes, which is a forbidden char in block dat. <-- xxx crap ntbd)
### TODO: –((Talk with boss about this bullocks idea))

2. The brithash

Brithash uses the skein512 hash algorithm in hex representation as it's only hash algorithm.

2.1. Prove of work

All Blocks content is hashed to generate the initial nounce-zero.
The prove of work is a hash of this nounce-zero with a 32 hex chars long nounce which results in a hash value below the difficulty.

2.1.1 Difficulty settings

The difficulty setting is a value between 0 and hash max value.
The prove of work has to be smaller than max-value - difficulty
The initial difficulty is 2^16, which requires 0x0000......................... (4 leading zeroes)

3. Mesh Networking (tbd)

4.1 Examples
In this section you find various examples.
### TODO: improve legality and copyright

4.1.1 Skein Assembly Implementation for SOCs and gfxcards and webjs and all (tbd by livinskull)

4.1.2 Example hashes

BlockData: livinskull
nounce-zero: 05113b96005c00abe1bc67c7108ebdaa5b030a03f3fb2db3279a1730d96e41c4b1d43df46baf31b367a960005b9a7bff48168722e336a0a900181861f55a88f4

nounce-zero+AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA: cf5b8e3b2ed168745854d73caa71a259ac9aeca0b9ae2056d3b1b7011bf9ca7a4d8592cdd264485ec3eb9f5d5b0b16ea3857f941e83e17e11ee79cd47fbbcdac

Your job is to find a nounce that produces a hash that fulfils the difficulty settings

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